Aginor (AGH-ih-nohr), formerly known as Ishar Morrad Chuain, was one of the thirteen [[2]] who was trapped at [Ghul|Shayol Ghul] due to the [[3]]'s sealing. Aginor was foremost in the creation of artificial constructs and created the [[4]].


Aginor after release, portrait done by Seamas Gallagher

Appearance 编辑

Aginor had a strong face and was as tall as [al'Thor|Rand al'Thor].

Aginor was sealed very close to the surface and as a result time altered his features quite significantly. The skin of his face was like crazed parchment drawn tight over a skull, then pulled tighter still. Wispy tufts of brittle hair stood at odd places on his scabrous scalp. His ears were withered bits like scraps of ancient leather; his eyes sunken, peering out of his head as if from the ends of tunnels. Template:Ref/book

Channeling abilities 编辑

Among the Forsaken he was 'second in strength only to [[5]]' and claimed to have matched [Therin|Lews Therin] in the Hall of the Servants. However, he appeared to be somewhat subservient to [[6]] and admitted to being terrified of Ishamael.

History 编辑

Before turning to the Shadow, Ishar Morrad Chuain was a famous biologist. However, his desire for further experiments and discovery earned him a ban from genetic experimentation by the [of_Servants|Hall of Servants]. Acquiring more freedom to experiment under the Shadow, he created the Shadowspawn during the [of_Power|War of Power], but was never directly involved with military operations. It is believed that somewhere between 35 and 50 million people died in the experiments resulting in the Shadowspawn, at a rate of almost 10,000 per day from start to finish in the War of Power.

Activities 编辑

File:Forsaken Aginor.jpg

Aginor and [[7]] were sealed near the surface of the [[8]], and as such aged immensely by the time of their release. During his sleep of three thousand years, Aginor experienced endless nightmares. He and Balthamel were the first to be released.

After his release, Aginor attempted to control all of the [Power|One Power] from the [of_the_World|Eye of the World], and was instead killed by Rand al'Thor; burned to ash as Rand wrested the One Power from him.

Resurrection 编辑

Template:For 检查到模板循环:Template:Character The [One|Dark One] recovered Aginor's soul and gave him a new body and name, Osan'gar. Osan'gar assumed the alias of "Corlan Dashiva" who was an [[9]] from the [Hills|Black Hills].

Appearance 编辑

Corlan Dashiva looked like a farmer from the [[10]] and appeared to be going insane due to the [[11]] on [[12]]. He was very arrogant and very condescending towards [Sedai|Aes Sedai] of this Age. He looked very plain and was in his middle years and had lank untrimmed hair.

Activities 编辑

Illian and the Seanchan 编辑

When he and [[13]] (Balthamel) were first resurrected, they were placed under the leadership of [Haran|Shaidar Haran]. Despite infiltrating Rand's Asha'man, Osan'gar still met with the remaining Forsaken and resented the fact the he had to play the part of Dashiva.

After the [of_Dumai's_Wells|Battle of Dumai's Wells] Dashiva was an Asha'man, chosen by Rand to be one of his bodyguards after being kidnapped by the [Tower|White Tower] Aes Sedai under [do_Avriny_a'Roihan|Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan]. He stood guard over Rand when he was meeting with some of the [[14]] [chief|clan chief]s and when [Melaidhrin|Cadsuane Melaidhrin] arrived and insulted Rand.

He was one of Rand's bodyguards when he met with the [Folk|Sea Folk] and made [of_the_Atha'an_Miere#The_Bargain_with_the_Coramoor|the Bargain]. Surprisingly Dashiva seemed concerned when Rand was near death due to being stabbed with the [Logoth|Shadar Logoth] dagger, perhaps because the Forsaken had at that point been instructed that Rand was not to be killed. He brought in [Flinn|Damer Flinn] to [[15]] Rand. It was Dashiva's idea for Flinn to start exploring his ability in Healing. He [[16]] to [[17]] with Rand in order to confuse [[18]] and try to bring him back to the city of Illian so Rand could finally defeat him.

He went with Rand when Rand tried to deal with the Illian rebels loyal to Lord Brend. He rode with Rand when Rand's forces attacked the invading [[19]] just outside Illian. He tried to warn Rand about saidin not behaving properly around [Dar|Ebou Dar]. On arrival back to [[20]] he accompanied Rand to a meeting with Cadsuane. He used several weaves Rand had never seen before to try to intimidate Cadsuane. Dashiva and several other rogue Asha'man, who turned out to be [[21]]s, attempted to kill Rand and flee, and Rand then followed to try to kill the would-be assassins.

Death 编辑

Last seen during the [near_Shadar_Logoth|Battle near Shadar Logoth], it is hinted that Osan'gar had been Aginor. Osan'gar tried to use balefire on Rand unseen but he was spotted and attacked by [Penfell|Elza Penfell], a [Ajah|Black Ajah] sister who assumed she was killing Dashiva. Osan'gar's body was not seen and the attack not specified as [[22]], so it could have been possible for the Dark One to again resurrect his soul into another new body, but he chose not to exercise this option. One of [al'Vere|Egwene al'Vere]'s visions suggests that he does not return.

Etymology 编辑

Aginor's name may be derived from Agenor of Greek mythology (the father of Europa and the founder of the city of Thebes).